Attitude, Enthusiasm, Teamwork

Live Positive!

Setting us apart from the competition with a passion for excellence, innovation and above all a positive attitude.

Our Story

“When all is said and done, more is often said than done.”… A favourite quotation of Andrew’s since taking the leadership role of President of PMA in 1989. Andrew started with PMA in 1977 and with a background in urban planning, created Housing Data Reports, which became the foremost data authority in the Toronto and Ottawa Real Estate markets. HDR merged in 2001 to form Real Net Canada. Ottawa Real Market Reports continues today as an exclusive PMA service. Andrew, now Executive Chairman, operates with a fundamental PMA credo that “attitude makes all the difference”.

Both Riley and Andrew have been honoured with a place in BILD’s Hall of Fame and in 2012 Andrew was privileged to receive from the NAHB in the United States, the “Legends of Residential Marketing Award”, the first Canadian so honoured.

Since 1964 PMA has reflected a positive approach toward everything we do

rileyAs one of Canada’s premiere Real Estate Firms, PMA has become a leader in the sale of new homes across the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Calgary in Canada, San Francisco and Florida in the United States. For over 60 years the PMA family has embraced a simple yet powerful cornerstone – attitude, enthusiasm and teamwork make all the difference. PMA Brethour Realty Group sells over 3,000 homes annually and provides over 50 different clients across Canada and the United States with unparalleled professional service.

Established by the legendary Riley Brethour in 1964, PMA was founded on the principle of enthusiasm and Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).  In the development industry when all the “bricks and sticks” are the same or copied in 30 days – what distinguishes the Builder Developer from one another is often their public face … their sales team. What distinguishes a marketing and sales service company like PMA is the distinct character of the individual members of the team.  We are not really in the REAL ESTATE business but we are in the RETAIL business.  When you are in the RETAIL business you are really in the PEOPLE business.  When you are in the PEOPLE business you’re in the EMOTION business and the managing of EXPECTATIONS.  Since 1964, PMA for now over 55 years has reflected a positive and enthusiastic approach toward all aspects of our service business – to our industry, our clients, and our team.

The cornerstone tenets of PMA are:

  • Resilience: to have the ability to get up and go again despite any adversity.
  • Stamina: to have the strength of character and physical health to persevere and preserve.
  • Magnanimity: to give back to those in need, both financially and spiritually.
  • Enthusiasm: to meet each day and each other with a smile and a positive attitude to conquer and overcome any obstacle.

Attitude makes all the difference … Embrace the possibilities.

The 10 PMA Professional Pointers

  1. 1.  RELIABILITY:  Your office opens early and closes late.
  2. 2.  APPEARANCE:  First impressions are vital.  What’s yours?
  3. 3.  CONSISTENT SALES:  Make something happen!  Don’t babysit.
  4. 4.  COMPETITIVE KNOWLEDGE:  Knowledge is Power!
  5. 5.  PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE:  Leads to confidence in overcoming any objection.
  6. 6.  FOLLOW UP:  Callbacks lead to Be Backs.
  7. 7.  SELF-IMPROVEMENT:  The Real Estate industry changes … keep up & reinvent!
  8. 8.  PMA BOOSTER:  A Positive Mental Attitude! Have the right attitude.
  9. 9.  ZEAL:  Personal enthusiasm improves your sales success.
  10. 10. BUILDER RESPECT:  Maintain an open communication.

The PMA Pledge

I believe that my positive attitude and enthusiasm sets me apart from my competition and begins the process of creating trust with the customer and the Builder.

I believe in the PMA TEAM and that negative attitude or failure will never overtake me. My persistence and determination will be strong enough for me to succeed.

My motto will be “No one of us is as good as all of us together”. I understand the importance of together – all of us achieve more.

As a real estate professional, the opportunity for self-improvement is an ongoing process and never ends. It is my responsibility to attend all seminars and meetings sponsored by PMA and my Builder.

A thorough knowledge is an essential customer benefit and pledge to enhance my Builder’s product but not by criticizing the competition.

Follow up with each client is a service I provide for the benefit of my customer, the Builder and PMA.

First impressions are lasting impressions and through my appearance, I will project a profession, reputable demeanour.

Both my Builder and PMA can count on my reliability, as I am an essential part of the team.

A critical part of my job is the completion of all required reports and forms required by PMA and the Builder.

I will never be too busy to be courteous!

Our Team

Our Leadership

Andrew Brethour

Executive Chairman, PMA Brethour


Andrew Brethour is a former Director and Executive of the Toronto, Ontario and Canadian Home Builders’ Associations. Mr. Brethour is a founder and former Chair of the Toronto and National SAM AWARDS and recipient of the prestigious Maple Leaf Award honouring Canada’s top associate member. Mr. Brethour is the recipient of the 1999 “SAMMY” Award as Sales and Marketing Member of the Year, Ontario HBA, and winner of the Riley Brethour Award both Nationally and locally as chosen by the Greater Toronto HBA (BILD). Mr. Brethour was selected for the BILD Hall of fame in 2005. Governor of Builder Marketing Society in the United States. Director RealNet Canada; Member of the International Lambda Alpha Society of Land Economists and in 2012, the first Canadian named “Legend of Residential Marketing” by NAHB in the United States. Author of the leading edge opinion piece on the Real Estate Market “Real Dirt” and more recently the uplifting “PMA Inspire” newsletter.

Christopher Markovic

CEO, PMA Brethour


Chris has worked in the real estate development industry in sales and marketing since 1993.  Prior to joining PMA Urban in a leadership role, Chris worked with some of the country’s leading developers and property owners. He developed award winning and innovative marketing programs while with The Minto Group, Dundee360 Real Estate Corporation/Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and Colliers International. He has also served on various industry working groups and committees including FRPO, The Urban Land Institute (ULI) and IDU Quebec. Chris focuses on the needs of the customer, the experience, and the message then develops an idea that rises to the top that is different and engaging.

Chris is a hands-on leader and is directly involved with the positioning, marketing and sales of PMA Urban’s pre-construction projects. Chris works and consults with PMA Urban clients from the idea and planning stage through to managing the sales and customer experience.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education from York University. He was raised in Oakville and continues to live there with his young family.

Nicholas Eveleigh

Executive Vice President of Business Development & CTO, PMA Brethour

Executive Vice President

A trailblazer at PMA Brethour, Nick is a seasoned professional with a remarkable journey at PMA Brethour that spans over two decades, dating back to his start in 2002. His impressive career trajectory within the company, from IT Manager to Vice President of Operations and currently serving as Vice President of Business Development and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is a testament to his unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions.

Nick plays a pivotal role in overseeing and optimizing the day-to-day operations of PMA Brethour. His keen eye for efficiency and process improvement ensures that the company operates seamlessly, delivering exceptional results to clients and partners alike. In addition to his technology leadership, Nick is actively involved in project management, where he oversees and manages various sites across Ontario and British Columbia. His knack for effective project execution and his efficient attention to detail ensure that PMA Brethour’s projects consistently meet and exceed expectations.

Nick’s multifaceted roles and remarkable journey at PMA Brethour highlight his ability to adapt, innovate, and drive the company forward. His vision for the future is firmly rooted in technological advancement, process optimization, and strategic growth. As he continues to shape the company’s trajectory and remains a driving force behind PMA Brethour’s success.

Maureen Brennan

Executive Vice President of Operations, PMA Brethour

Executive Vice President

Maureen is a licensed real estate agent with 20 years of sales and marketing experience. Throughout her years she has gained an extensive background in Market Research and Site Management and is relied upon regularly to support the team with her wealth of computer skills and knowledge of Real Estate Law and Contracts.

Maureen is also the FINTRAC compliance officer as well as the Branch Manager for both RECO and TRREB.

She enjoys backyard cookouts and spending time with her husband and their dog in their home in Whitby.


Sloan Brethour

Manager, Special Projects


Starting on the frontline, Sloan worked in sales office administration and project sales before transitioning to a project manager role, working in both high and low rise sales for some of southern Ontario’s leading builders and real estate developers. Today Sloan leads the leads the team’s special projects and initiatives ranging from our online sales strategy, the Virtual Sales Office Protocol (PMA VSOP) and Prop-tech strategies to leading PMA Capital Solutions.   She has been very successful with PMA CS assembling a collection of partner service offerings in the real estate development space that help investors and developers realize their real estate goals. Our core capital solutions services are specific to the new home and condominium industry and operate business lines that add value to our developer and homebuilder clients. Whether managing the day to day sales and site operations, or supporting online sales and prop tech development, Sloan is able to apply best practices and methods in developing a heightened level of customer experience.  Sloan brings passion and enthusiasm to her role especially with marketing creative and customer service.  She received her education from The King’s College of Dalhousie University (Halifax) and  from The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design.  When not working, Sloan enjoys packing up her canoe and heading to Algonquin Park.​

Sue Di Ilio

Vice President of Sales and National Director of Sales Education , PMA Toronto & PMA Ottawa

Vice President

Sue is a new home sales veteran! As a manager with many years of experience, she is guaranteed to get the best for her clients in a professional and timely manner. PMA’s All Diamond pin, three SAM Awards, and MIRM designation from the National Association of Home Builders in the U.S. serve as proof of Sue’s hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. Sue has led the successful sell-outs at various high and low rise project types throughout the GTA, for clients including Metropia, Adi, Monarch Construction , Mattamy Homes, Forest Green, Lancaster, and Green City.  Sue, along with Peter Comyns, are responsible for the presentation of PMA’s renowned two-day training program, ‘SalesMasters’, which focuses on sales representatives, mortgage specialists, and design center teams training and development.

Peter Comyns

Vice President of Sales and National Director of Sales Education

Vice President

Peter Comyn’s 25+ years of experience at PMA has touched all elements of the home buying process creating an interpretive insight that blends both the needs of builder and consumer.  Peter’s sales management support has provided great leadership for many of Toronto’s major builders.  Peter has been responsible for the daily training needs of PMA’s 150 strong new homes sales team.

Peter,along with his associate Sue Di Ilio, was directly involved in the creation and administration of PMA’s market leading two day Sales Masters and one-day Bootcamp Courses – now recognized as Ontario Home Builders accredited teaching program for the entire Province.  Peter has customized Sales Masters to adapt the training system to the TD Bank’s Mortgage Specialists; to the Design Studio staff at major companies such as: Conservatory Group, Tribute Communities and Brookfield Homes.  Peter has had a remarkable career accentuated by a powerful fun charged personality.

Lisa Carboni

Vice President of Sales, PMA Toronto

Vice President

Lisa is a seasoned sales and marketing veteran with over 28 years of experience in the New Home Real Estate market.  She has been a licensed realtor with a focus on Sales and Marketing management for over 16 years and she currently holds her Broker’s license.  Lisa previously held the position of PMA Director of Research for over twelve years, backed by her Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo.  With her research foundation and vast experience with multiple builder clients from completing countless feasibility studies and market assessments, Lisa brings that wealth of knowledge to better serve her clients now on the management side.

Under her guidance, Lisa’s award-winning sales teams have worked hand in hand with her builder clients to help orchestrate seamless transition from start to finish with their new home developments.  This dedication to her clients and staff have led to Lisa winning the prestigious “Stanley L Grant” award three times during her management career, a testament to excellence in serving her clients.

Lisa has led the successful sell-outs of high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise projects throughout the GTA, Niagara Region, South Georgian Bay to as far as  Kelowna, British Columbia!  Her clients have included but are not limited too; Kaneff Properties, Forest Hill Homes, Macpherson Master Builders, Insoho Developments, Halminen Homes, Intracorp, Haber Homes, Georgian Group, Urbancorp, Vandyk Properties, and Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities.

Lisa also heads up the PMAinsiders Division that is PMA’s official broker outreach program for PMA clients and she has built an extensive network of co-broke realtors to work with on future PMA launches!

Lisa can’t wait to get started on assisting you with your next new home development!

Jordan Kideckel

Vice President of Sales, PMA Toronto

Vice President

Jordan started with PMA Brethour as a salesperson in 2004, working for Andrin Homes at many of their communities in Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, and Kitchener. Over the next few years, he worked for Sorbara Group and for Monarch’s Strawberry Fields/Southfields community in Caledon. Jordan’s transition to management was a natural one and he now manages Andrin Homes, Sorbara Group, Fieldgate Homes and Ballymore Homes’ sites across the GTA.

Jordan was a finalist for the SAM award for salesperson of the year in 2015, and is a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association and BILD – Building Industry and Land Development Association

Grace Poon

Director of Research, PMA Toronto

Director of Research

Grace has a combined 20 years of corporate experience in commercial real estate, underwriting commercial surety bonds and vetting claims, and assisting in forensic psychiatric assessments. As a “people” person, Grace is passionate about and sees the value in the engagement of people and developing innovative strategies to enhance productivity. Dealing with large brokerage and investor clients regularly, she has learned the art of building positive rapport and creating lasting relationships. This has been achieved by the belief of keeping a step above, a step ahead, and delivering timely results.

Prior to joining PMA Brethour, Grace spent 4 years at The CoStar Group, a commercial real estate research analytics company. Grace brings real estate knowledge and insights on retail, industrial, office, mixed-use, multi-family, and land asset types. Working with a multitude of clients including brokers, developers, lenders, appraisers, and major investors, she was able to work with clients on many projects from varying angles. Some of these clients include but not limited to: SmartCentres, MPAC, Pinnacle International, Manulife, Colonnade BridgePort, JLL, Avison Young, the City of Ottawa and the City of Brampton. Managing projects and project teams from the onset of  strategic planning, to development and testing, through to final product launch, she has assisted clients achieve their end goal objectives.

Grace attended the University of Toronto, wherein she received her B.A. Further to that, Grace holds several professional designations including her Certificate in Human Resources Management (Ryerson University), Certificate in Canadian Risk Management (University of Toronto), and her Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding (University of Toronto).

Salman Tosif

Research Analyst

Research Analyst

Lisa Mundell

President, PMA Brethour Western Canada

President, PMA Brethour Western Canada

Lisa Mundell comes to us as a partner in PMA Brethour-Townley with over two decades of hands on experience in both sales and management.

Lisa’s product knowledge spans the globe; from multiple projects in Panama, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, to over 2700 + individual condominium and new home sales at home in Calgary.

As managing partner of PMA Brethour -Townley for the Western Canadian Division, she has been very hands on for our Metropia / Knightsbridge project at University City.

Michelle Peesker

Sales Representative, PMA Calgary


Michelle is a people person and loves to help others realize their dream of home ownership.

Michelle has 15 years experience in the Real Estate industry and has successfully put together hundreds of real estate purchases. Michelle has many great relationships and understanding of people from running her own business for many years. Michelle brings energy, creativity, dedication and honesty to her work. You can be assured she will stay on top of all the details of your purchase and facilitate a smooth and easy transaction.

It’s easy to appreciate the appeal of our developer’s lifestyle, location and sense of community. Michelle’s intimate knowledge of our project enables her to connect your “have to have” list with what we have to offer.

Jillian Dickson

Sales Representative, PMA Calgary


Jillian brings passion to everything that she does. With a ‘go big or go home’ attitude, she strives to bring the best possible version of herself to the table every time she meets a new person or potential client. As a highly experienced sales representative with over 17+ years in the real estate industry (working in both sales and marketing), Jillian is both confident and approachable, making her a fantastic ally for everyone entering the real estate market, whether that be to buy their first new home, or for those who are looking to expand their investment real estate portfolio. Her beliefs are such that locations holds precedence in buying a home in today’s market, which is clearly indicated in her employment with University City, a self-sustaining community which has proved to be a very successful project.

One of Jillian’s favourite Jim Rohn quotes (so much so that she has adopted it into her daily practices) emphasizes that “to succeed in sales, simply talk to lots of people every day…and here’s what’s exciting - there are a lot of people!

Cheryl Rice

President, PMA Ottawa


Cheryl brings 30 years of marketing and sales experience to her role as President of PMA Ottawa. Her work with developers includes the launch of two major Ottawa residential/retail/office projects, several low-rise communities, and condominium projects. Cheryl also built a successful consulting practice helping Ottawa and international clients to research, develop and introduce new products, acquire and retain customers, and increase revenue at a lower cost of sale.

With 15+ years in the high technology industry working for companies such as Nokia, Mitel, and AVG, Cheryl advises our clients on how to leverage technology for customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and digital and social media marketing, to improve business results.

Doreen Lambert

Vice President of Operations, PMA Ottawa

Vice President

Doreen Lambert joined PMA in 2006 and has more than 25 years of professional experience in administration with an emphasis on billing, human resources and employee relations. Doreen is responsible for the day-to-day operation and management of the Ottawa office, including financial management, staff management, facilities management and communications.She is also responsible for providing administrative leadership for the office and acting as liaison between the office and Ottawa Sales Teams.

Ariana Luna

Director of Research, PMA Ottawa


Ariana holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration and is a graduate of the Marketing Research and Business Intelligence Program at Algonquin College. Through her internships and past experiences, Ariana has had the opportunity to experience working in all stages of the marketing research process (e.g. Data Collection, Statistical Analysis) through projects conducted for Public Opinion Research and Hallmark Canada.

Having joined the PMA team in 2013, Ariana is responsible for ongoing field research and data gathering, publication of the New Home Market and Price Comparison reports and monitoring/analyzing data relating to the New Home and Resale housing markets.

Ron Desjardins

Senior Advisor, PMA Ottawa

Senior Advisor

As Vice President, PMA Brethour Realty Group, Ottawa, Ron brings some 44 years of experience in all aspects of residential real estate to his various private and public sector clients in the Ottawa Region. PMA provides a full range of consulting services including market research and sales and marketing services to various public and private sector clients.

Ron’s work career in Ottawa includes municipal planning, land development, all aspects of new home construction and twenty seven years with PMA Brethour Realty Group, responsible for the company’s activities in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario. He holds the PMA All Diamond Pin in recognition of over $250 million in sales and is the recipient of a SAM Award.

Ron is a Past President of Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders Association and the Ontario Home Builders Association. He was recently awarded a life membership in the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association in recognition of his contributions to the Association and the local housing industry over many years.

Jennifer Wootton

President, PMA Collingwood


Jennifer has been a licensed realtor for 30 years with experience in High End Resales, Property Management, Project Management, New Homes Sales and Décor Management. Jennifer owned the Collingwood Viceroy Home Dealership for 12 years and built 77 new homes in the area. Jennifer started specializing in New Home Sales in 1998, as well as Resales, Rental Management. In the past 15 years Jennifer has also done project management alongside with Sales and Marketing Management on 8 different new homes sites. She is responsible for the entire Collingwood and surrounding market for PMA Brethour Collingwood.

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PMA is always looking for enthusiastic and professional real estate salespeople, research analysts and technology leaders to join the team.  Please submit your resume and connect with Maureen via email for further consideration.

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For over 60 years PMA has been blessed with good fortune in everything we do... We believe in giving back to the communities that have made our success possible.

YSM-PMA-Eat Savage COVID Campaign

Yonge Street Mission needed our assistance during the pandemic to help Toronto’s homeless as well as families in distress !! YSM provides non-perishables from their food bank but they have no fresh fruit or vegetables to give and so PMA has teamed up with Eat Savage to try to help solve this problem. Together we have created the PMA-YSM Bag of Goodness in both small (individual) and large (family) sizes. The small bag was $15 and provided fresh produce for one person for a week while the large bag was $25 and supplied a family with fresh fruits and veggies for a week.

Donate Now to the Yonge Street Mission, We need YOU on our team too!

The United Jewish Appeal

The United Jewish Appeal (UJA) was a Jewish philanthropic umbrella organization that existed from its creation in 1939 until it was folded into the United Jewish Communities, which was formed from the 1999 merger of United Jewish Appeal (UJA), Council of Jewish Federations and United Israel Appeal, Inc. Donate Now.

The United Way

More and more Torontonians continue to turn to United Way funded agencies for services like mental health programs, newcomer settlement services and disability supports. Donate Now

The Simon Weisenthal Center

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is a global Jewish human rights organization that confronts anti-Semitism, hate and terrorism, promotes human rights and dignity, stands with Israel, defends the safety of Jews worldwide, and teaches the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations. Donate Now


True Patriot Love

True Patriot Love honours the sacrifices of members of the Canadian Forces, Veterans and their families by working to permanently bridge the military and civilian worlds, to ensure always that our Canadian Forces men and women have private dollars at their disposal to address the various gaps inevitably left unfunded by government. PMA Brethour Realty Group is proud to be affiliated with such an important charity. Donate Now.