In order to offer clients the best competitive advantage possible, PMA strives to stay on the cutting edge of industry related technology and the associated best practices.

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TAPS™ is PMA’s software CRM system in partnerships with SmartTouch, a prospect management system designed to increase be-back traffic and sales by providing support to the sales environment through a simple follow-up procedure as well as reporting and analytics.

TAPS™ stands for Timing, Affordability, and Product, the three primary motivations to purchase.  The TAPS™ system prioritizes these motivations for every prospect and automatically defines a follow up approach over the following 6 to 8 week period.

TAPS™ has the following features:  lead management/sales automation; e-mail marketing; content management; marketing automation; inventory management.

TAPS™ can be implemented on all sites … PMA will take a leadership role in its site application and management.

To learn more, email Nicholas Eveleigh.

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