Volume 1 | #10 | May 21, 2019

Energy, the Glow and Tingle Revolution!!!


Energy is infectious!!! Energy is about vitality, animation, liveliness, and spirit. It’s about how you Glow and Tingle and ultimately affect those around you. How often have you walked into an event or a meeting and you can feel the ‘energy’ in the room…or conversely the negative tensions? How often do you see ‘energy’ stand out in an individual and how attracted you are to that ‘energy‘ source?

Energy is critical to your success in life and business. The opposite, of course, is withdrawal, stagnation, and ineffectiveness. The concept of Glow and Tingle is an approach to set you apart, to make you distinct, to be noticed!!! Imagine the impact you can make when you sparkle…and how others are immediately attracted to your position or your cause. Whether it’s in a retail environment, that lonely sales trailer in a field, or your latest boardroom presentation, your ability to ‘sparkle‘ on command will give you a distinct advantage. The consumer gets it, your co-workers get it, your kids get it!!! Am I more likely to engage and buy an idea, a service, from someone who is active, passionate, and enthusiastic or from the deadbeat, the forlorn, and the disinterested…the answer is obvious!!! When you are confronted with the boring, disengaged presentation you not only reject the idea or service…but more importantly you tell other people about your lousy experience…our reputation is our gold standard to success and is often made by how others see you. When you Glow and Tingle it literally transmits to those around you…attitude osmosis!!! Your sparkle can be the difference in winning or loosing the sale regardless of the product, price or content.

Energy is a state of mind, it takes practice, it is a learned experience…in one of my favourite films ‘All that Jazz’ Roy Schnieder stars in the semi-autobiographical tale of the legendary choreographer and film maker Bob Fosse. Written and directed by Fosse, Roy plays a pill-popping, hard driving, womanizing character who is the creative genius behind a major Broadway musical. In a classic scene, after a night of debauchery, Roy awakes, late for a critical rehearsal, looks at himself in the mirror, pops a few more pills, clears his eyes, puts his hands over his face and scowls into the mirror and says…”Its Showtime “. Roy was turning on his Glow and Tingle meter!!!

Each and every moment of each day you have the power to influence those around you with your sparkle. It’s how you deliver your positive and spirited attitude that sets you apart.

Today, before entering that boring workplace, that tension filled home, that battlefield boardroom, remember to gauge your ‘energy’ level and deliver your maximum Glow and Tingle moment…’Its Showtime!!!‘


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