Volume 1 | #12 | June 3, 2019



I was recently reminded about the importance of Friendship when an ‘old friend’ made the effort to connect after several months apart. Bob made the effort to connect for no reason at all…just to see how I was doing!!! How special is that? How remarkable did it make me feel. I concluded that I need more Friends like that and that I should get to work making the effort to find them!!! Or more importantly, try to understand how I was so lucky to have the Friendship in the first place.


Great Friendships are honest and true without consequences. A loyal Friend will connect, with nothing to gain, no ulterior motive, to support you in times of crisis and be there for you during the process. This connection is not an imposition for some advantage but simply an expression of good will…to help, to nurture, and to provide clarity of resolution…no questions asked!!! You know the feeling of a great Friendship. You can tell each other anything without judgment and be completely comfortable even in silence. This is a two way street because the commonality of values between two great Friends creates the trust necessary to expose every weakness to review and hopefully resolve. The opening up of one person allows the exposure of the other and a wonderful bond is established that protects both parties from any outside influence or challenge. But you know its not easy…

Great Friendships have to be worked at…exceptions to strange and peculiar behaviour have to be made, time and culture are not an issue. I recently had a remarkable experience from a Friend who I had not spoken to in over 50 years…we were as close as one could be when we were 15 years old…and then our worlds separated. We both knew remotely of one another and how we were surviving but neither of us had any direct contact…until one day, out of the blue David called…said he was in town and asked to have coffee…it was as if were 15 again!!! We met for coffee and talked non-stop for 7 hours…and have since renewed a lasting and close Friendship…so it’s never too late, or too early for that matter to nurture that connection.


The Greek Philosopher Aristotle, you will remember from your high school studies his best seller…‘Nicomachean Ethics’…(sure you do!!!), in which he describes three types of Friendships


1) Friendships of Utility…the most common of friendships which exists between you and someone who is useful to you…at work or school where you help someone for example, with that tech issue and they in turn help you with something important to you…helping each other to the advantage of both. Business life is made up of many of these Friendships often called Mentors…and most are Friendships of Utility.

2) Friendships of Pleasure…this level exists between you and those who’s company you enjoy…particularly in the pursuit of happiness…that Saturday morning golf game with the boys, that weekly book review, that study group of Aristotle, that community outreach in help of the homeless…shared experiences that bring joy, meaning, and satisfaction to our lives…

3) Friendship of the Good…these exist and are based upon mutual respect and admiration. They are the most powerful and meaningful Friendships of all. They are the cause of the greatest reward and sometimes the greatest devastation. These Friendships are based on pure emotion and the transformation of that emotion channelled into mutual personal gain. You not only make each other feel good about your world but help each other to be better. These friendships usually start early in life and last forever.


I am grateful and blessed to have two invaluable and necessary Friends of the Good like Bob and Dave…


What categories do your Aristotle Friends fall into? Which one of Aristotle’s Friends do you want more or less of? When you find them, hang onto them…and give them a call once in a while (please don’t text or email)…and connect for no reason whatsoever!!!

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