Volume 1 | #4 | April 1, 2019


Does practice enhance preparedness?

In the breakthrough book by Malcom Gladwell, “The Tipping Point”, he describes what it took to become really great at what you do. For Wayne Gretzky, it was thousands of hours of skating on the family backyard rink from early morning till late night at night … thousands of hours! For Bill Gates, he would sneak into the local university computer class in the middle of the night, when he was just 15 years old, to practice, experiment and learn. The ‘tipping point’ is of course when your prepa­ration delivers on your newfound expertise … and you become exceptional!

Is preparation a planned stage of learning? Of course, … And it’s constant!
The moment you have prepared for one event the next is a upon you. But every moment of preparation helps conquer the next unexpected challenge. We can’t prepare for every eventuality …. if we tried, we would stagnate and never have to take action. Those that always seem prepared for everything and anything usually aren’t!! But they do have a plan, a process, an evolution to get there. Ask yourself “what in fad do I have to do to prepare myself for the adventure I’m about to take on?” … make a list and conquer one at a time and then repeat!

Remember Gretzky’s thousands of hours …. preparation leads to confidence and confidence spurs action.

Preparation, however, does not ensure or guarantee success. In fact, I can be most prepared Olympic athlete for 4 long years leading to the monumental event and not succeed. Preparation does not always overcome failure but it gives you the greatest chance to do your best and succeed … sometimes within the limits of your own mental and physical ability. It’s OK to be the second best in the world!

I marvelled at Jennifer Hudson performing at the Academy Awards last month, interestingly, she finished 7th in the competi­tion for American Idol, I can’t remember who came first that season? To be unprepared is to court disaster to be prepared is to lay the foundation for success!

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