Volume 1 | #5 | April 8, 2019


Joanna, one of our very seasoned new home agents takes a fresh approach to prospects visiting the presentation centre.

This approach creates a great connection between herself and the prospect.

She found that in most cases when prospects come into our sales office, we get them registered and then give them an orientation

of what we have to offer. Demonstrating is important but why after the pleasant meet and greet do we go directly

into demonstrating our product.

Buyers are often under the impression that you are simply there to sell them something. It’s important to reinforce with them

we want to help them find the home that meets their needs not just satisfies them! Joanna believes her goal is to exceed their

expectations. It’s important the prospect does not feel like it’s an entry test. Instead of the typical varied product questions…..

are you interested in towns or semi’s….or towns or singles. What size are you looking for, she likes to uncover some

important information about them. Joanna treats this stage as if you are meeting a new friend.

Where do you live now? How long have you lived there? What is it about your current house that you really like? What is

one thing that you would like to change to your current home so you wouldn’t have to move? Have you seen anything in the

area that you really like so far? Have to bought new before?

By changing up the conversation, Joanna is shows an interest in them as “people” and not a sale number. The advantage of

this is it she gets a dialogue going where she uncovers their motivations. By understanding their motivations her demonstration

of home designs and the neighbourhood ticks the boxes of what brought them out looking in the first place.

As a result, Joanna’s custom fitting the demonstration stage to what meets their needs and not one size fits all. It’s important

to remember to compliment them on their previous buying decisions…..good neighbourhood….you bought at a great

time……..I bet its a big decision for you to move!

By complimenting them on previous buying decisions, they feel good about dealing with Joanna and they might be about to

make another “buying” decision at her office.

Happy Selling and remember, be high impact, not high pressure!

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