Volume 1 | #7 | April 22, 2019


A cornerstone value of PMA the act of ‘determination’ is critical to your success…both professionally and personally.

As an ever-frustrated Leaf fanatic I rejoiced in the comments of Coach Babcock after a recent loss to the dreaded Bruins…”

its not about the skill, its about the will!“. Determination is about the act of deciding to do something. It is a state of

being, recognition that no matter the circumstances around me I can ‘determine’ my fate and achieve my ultimate conclusion.

The Leafs, as skilled a team as they are, must enact the ‘will’, the ‘determination’ to win. This is not a physical characteristic

but a state of mind. How often have you faced a challenge, an adversary over whom you thought you had a distinct

advantage only to lose to their ‘will’…their unseen ‘determination’ to beat you!! The words of George Bernard Shaw come to

mind, taken from the play Mrs Warren’s Profession written in 1898….”people are always blaming the circumstances around

them for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the ones who look for the

circumstances they want…and if they can’t find them…create them!!!

In one of the holiest weeks in the Christian calendar, the world watched in absolute horror as flames engulfed the Notre

Dame Cathedral. This year both Easter and Passover fall on the same weekend…normally a time for family, reflection and

celebration of faith. Yet we are witness to the untold damage to an 800-year-old historic monument. A challenge to our

faith. In a matter of days following this unfathomable event France and the world found the ‘will’ and ‘determination’ to rebuild

raising over One Billion dollars for its reconstruction. Notre Dame will rise again.

In the Bible it is written in Peter 4.1…”since then, Christ has suffered in the flesh, you must arm yourself a ‘determination’ to

do so! I think the words ‘arm yourself’ are very telling. In order to have ‘determination’, the ‘will’ to self-actualize, you first

must have resolve to reach a definite conclusion and with your spirit facing the challenge head on take the necessary action

to reach your goal.

Its really not that hard…but it takes self-resolve to look back and face yourself in the mirror and say…”I can do this!“. So determination

is a clear purpose, a choice to embrace change and accomplish your goal!!!

GO Leafs GO!!
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