Volume 2 | #24 | March 10, 2020

FREEDOM …. can be Fleeting and Fragile!!

So, I’m on the plane, and decide to watch a movie.
During several heartfelt moments I strain to hold back the tears, as one does in public, but by the end I was absolutely sobbing!!! This might be ok in the privacy of your living room but on a crowded plane it can be a little disconcerting…the Flight Attendant came by and asked with genuine concern….”is everything alright,  sir ?”…I said, between sobs …”it’s all about the protection …sob, sob,…..of our Freedoms !! “She looked at me rather strangely and offered another scotch!!

I believe that we often take our fundamental freedoms today for granted. Freedom is fragile, Freedom is often fleeting!! It needs to be celebrated, rejoiced, protected …every minute of every day!!! There are of course, multiple Freedoms. The word takes on different meanings to different things, to different people in different circumstances. In a world often confused by the preface of moral equivalence it has sometimes become difficult to defend our ‘take for granted ‘Freedoms…our great Universities, once the bastion of free speech are now often stifled and overtaken by political correctness. Without Freedom…there is only anarchy!!

Freedom comes in many packages…Freedom of Assembly, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Association, Freedom of the Press, Political Freedom and Freedom or Liberty under the law….in Western society these Freedoms are at the heart of our moral code, at the cornerstone of our democracies….and at the foundation of our decency!! Freedom is defined as having the ability to act without consent. Your Free Will is your ticket to Liberty!! Your determination to protect Freedom assures you that you have it!!

It is important to remember that Freedom is balanced by our moral responsibility to recognize that we can do as we please , without constraint, but always with regard to the rights of others around us….my mother would always encourage me to have the desire and determination to do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t physically or mentally harm those around me….what does Freedom mean to you? It might mean Freedom of Choice between the confluence of your service and your customer…it might mean Freedom of Expression as in these very own “pmainspire” pieces…it’s important to express our positive will towards overcoming the avalanche of negatives around us.

The movie I was so publicly sobbing about was JoJo Rabbit…the movie reflected a period in our times where Freedom disappeared…and once lost took a World War to get it back. It is a parody of a young boy who joins the Hitler Youth …espouses and supports the frightening philosophies of the times yet finds Freedom through his interaction and eventual love of a young Jewish girl hiding from the Nazi’s in his attic. The movie might not be for everyone as it handles some very delicate issues and subjects with sensitivity, humour and understanding. It delivers a powerful and important message that no matter the severity of the oppression Freedom will survive. Freedom to dance becomes an underlying theme of everyday life that overcomes the serious imposition of the evil will of others. The movie taught me that I don’t really care what people think about me sobbing in public…. mine were tears of celebration as young JoJo realized that his Freedom to be Alive meant dancing in the streets with Elsa who was once his enemy…his false and manufactured hatred now turned to love….

Freedom can be fleeting and fragile… It needs protecting.


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