Why you need a 10-minute tune-up

Sheila RoseEVER WONDER WHY the PMA team looks so relaxed?

It likely has something to do with Sheila Rose, a certified reflexologist and Reiki practitioner, who visits the office once a month to give employees what she calls the ‘Ten Minute Tune-up.’ Designed to calm and revitalize body and mind, the treatment embraces a variety of modalities and massage techniques and targets areas that hold tension in the head, neck, shoulders and hands (she can be seen at right working her magic on PMA controller Howard Kideckel).

Benefits of the tune-up include reduced neck, back and shoulder pain, less fatigue, increased circulation, improved productivity and heightened mental clarity.

Having worked in sales for PMA for many years, Sheila launched a new career in her 70s. “She’s an amazing woman, amazing spirit and amazing fountain of youth,” says Andrew Brethour.

Sheila’s always open to taking on new clients. You can get in touch by e-mail: rosie170@sympatico.ca or calling 416-574-9193.