Volume 2 | #22 | January 10, 2020

RESOLUTIONS!!! Here we go Again …

Okay, so it’s a New Year, A New Decade, in fact and all around me people are making Resolutions …. 90% of which will never be achieved!!!

Why is that I wonder? The expression of a Resolution is a simple first act in establishing a goal. .. but it’s not the act, its the delivery that’s the Challenge!! Most of us are really good at stating the intention but woefully bad at creating a plan, measuring the results and defining a purpose towards comple­tion.
I had the distinct pleasure recently of catching a moment with Lou Holtz, former legendary football coach at Notre Dame. Lou’s football career was remarkable but its his insightful quotations that are the most impactful and inspirational. Among my favourite’s is “when all is said and done more is often said than done” … I used that message on my phone for many years and added the refrain … “so just do it !!”

That’s what Resolutions are all about. When we make them at New Years, often with great fanfare and grand intentions …. ” more is often said than done”. There is one secret to achieving your Resolution …. do you have “STICK-TO-IT-NESS??? This is an everyday requirement!! Recognize that in order to actually get to where you want to go, you have to Stick to It!! Its very easy to put something in the way of your stick-to-it-ness.

From Lou Holtz …. ” you will never be indecisive if you know your purpose.” Once the simple act of Resolution is made it now requires a plan and a purpose to achieve it. Set out a plan, write it down, make a public declaration and tape it to the frig or bathroom mirror …. and read it aloud every morn­ ing!! That’s when STICK-TO-IT-NESS kicks in!!!

Lou says … ” remember, everyday some ordinary person does something extraordinary. Today, it’s your turn !!”

So, my public declaration was initiated after Christmas turkey dinner. My resolution was to improve my fitness level and lose weight. Simple enough, but what’s the plan? A workout regime has been written down with specific targets for cardio, weight training, and stretching … all measurable and starting 3 times per week rising in intensity as fitness improves …. I’m learning its all about the “reps”!!! The weight loss target is 30 LBS in 6 months … perfect timing for my June speedo!!!
Will I have the STICK-TO-NESS to achieve my Resolution? … stay tuned … and good luck with yours!!!! 

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Live Positive!