For success in the competitive field of new home sales, Sales Masters is your number one advantage.  The leading national training program designed specifically for selling new homes, Sales Masters is proven to be an effective introduction for newcomers and an eye opener for experienced professionals.

Sales Masters is presented in two fact-filled days where you’ll learn step-by-step methods to improve your selling skills and earn more dollars.

Sales Masters instructors are PMA professional sales managers accredited with numerous industry awards of excellence.  They bring the course material to life with role playing exercises and videos.  It allows numerous opportunities for you to practice and improve your skills.

The Sales Masters method is based on the successful track record of The PMA Realty Group … 50 years in the making.  The key ingredients of this success formula have been consolidated into the Sales Masters course – ready for you to put to daily use.

Sales Masters has evolved into a one day program called “Bootcamp!” Compressing the time but not the content. Sales Masters has been adapted to meet the needs of Builder’s Design or Décor Store personnel improving the bottom line by selling more upgrades.  Sales Masters has been adapted for companies such as TD Canada Trust and can be customized to fit your needs.

Sales Masters Program Overview:

  • How to Professionally Approach Prospects
How to Qualify Prospects to Improve Your Traffic-to-Sales Ratio
How to Demonstrate Renderings, Models and Lot Benefits for Faster Sales
How to Convert Telephone Inquiries Into Customers
How to Operate a Successful Follow-Up System
How to Sell Different Customers … Differently
How to Deal with Competition and Win Fairly
  • How to Improve Working Relationships with the Construction Department
How to Overcome Closing Tension
How to Increase Personal and Professional Growth

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PMA recognizes the power of the Agent/Broker community and has created the PMA Sales Masters… giving the real estate community priority access to nearly 100 project offerings.  Wherever there is a cooperative relationship, either financial or simply goodwill our PMA Sales Masters will get you there first!

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