PMA Brethour Research Associates Limited, a member of the PMA Brethour Realty Group, has become synonymous with expertise in real estate analytics.  PMA Brethour Research will provide all of the services fundamental to conducting a wide range of market research and consultation.  Through intensive research, investigation and ongoing analysis, PMA Brethour Research is in a unique position to review and interpret the evolving new home market.  The extensive body of research and knowledge assembled by the company and is continually updated to reflect emerging trends and patterns in the real estate sector.

PMA will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the site for development potential with identification of the most appropriate building form and tenure.  The development of a concept plan including; product design, mix and pricing, specifications and premium allocations, and upgrades, identification of project amenities and merchandising review.

Research Services

Marketing Strategy

The intent of the marketing strategy is to outline the direction required to create the most efficient and marketable development plan.

Feasibility and Market Assessments

feasabilityThe objective of the feasibility assessment is to identify the nature and extent of the current competitive market environment thereby providing the necessary market intelligence for our clients to successfully launch a new development and/or anticipate and respond to changing market conditions.

Current Competitive Analysis

Comprised of an examination of product, marketing and merchandising strategies target market identification, specification and price comparison.

Resale Market Analysis

To measure the competitive environment and ascertain the equity position of the potential client base.

Comprehensive Analysis

Overview of floor plans and building design consultation. Identification of project amenities and merchandising review.

Focus Groups

The assessment of consumer opinion is an integral part of product development. The end user’s preference and sensitivities to various product designs and pricing, community structure or marketing approach are essential to creating the “best-fit” concept plan for a development.  In consumer attitude research the focus is upon assessing individuals needs, wants and desires.  There are four major methods of obtaining this information: telephone surveys, mailed questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

Mystery Shops

A fast growing service which provides a builder/developer with a snap shot of what is really going on in the sales office.  It’s intended to evaluate New Home sales representatives’ on site performance and identify areas of strength as well as weaknesses and provide training solution to improve sales performance.

Land Evaluation

Being actively involved in all the stages of our builder’s sales and marketing decisions, we also provide critical research information and advice stemming from the initial development process including the identification of strategic locations and pricing, configuration of lots prior to draft plan of subdivision, statistical information concerning land values and analysis of current prices and associated land sales or current offerings.

For More Information, Contact:

Grace Poon, Director of Research

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