Volume 1 | #1 | March 11, 2019


Do Something About It! Act Now!

There is no question that many of us will put off until tomorrow what we don’t have to do today. Procrastination is defined as an act to delay or postpone something that needs to be accomplished. We know we have to get it done but we put it off…we deflect and delay! Perhaps it will go away? Maybe it’s too difficult a task to confront and will get easier in time… it never does!! Avoiding a decision or confrontation is not a formula for success …quite the opposite…

Act Now And The Rewards Are Significant.

A superstar PMA team member Anna Marie displayed her “Act Now” character recently on site on a busy Sunday afternoon. A couple arrived for the first time looking for a new home and in her pre-qualifying questions, Anna Marie discovered that they had a special needs child. Without missing a beat, as Anna Marie sent the prospects to view the model homes, she quickly investigated local special-needs facilities schools and amenities. Upon the prospects return from the model home, Anna Marie was able to outline several specific alternatives, including the local facilities and most impressively the contact information of those who could help. Anna Marie could have waited, investigated later that week or even ignored the couples’ needs altogether, instead she “Acted Now” and satisfied a personal and important need… Long before ever selling them a home! And she did sell them a new home! Anna Marie teaches us an important lesson… When all is said and done more is often said than done… so what are you waiting for…. just ACT NOW!

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