Volume 1 | #6 | April 15, 2019


A difficult word to say… And even more difficult one to spell… But a very important virtue to for fulfill.

I have been familiar with the virtue of magnanimity my whole life, driven by my father to give back to the community.

The cornerstone values of PMA our Resilience, Determination, Enthusiasm and Magnanimity. To be magnanimous is to be

generous of spirit, big hearted and courageous. A magnanimous individual will take action for a noble purpose and help

those less fortunate than oneself. Clearly, the meaning of this virtue is expressed in outreach to your community and to each

other, with selflessness and a refusal to be petty. In PMA history as both a company and as an individual I have tried to encompass

the values of magnanimity.

Our business operations encompass many parts of Canada and the United States. We have been fortunate to be based in

Toronto, one of the great cities of the world, yet despite our wealth, our privilege and our opportunity there are too many

among us who are homeless and disadvantaged. It doesn’t seem rational or even possible that in 2019 Toronto is the child

poverty capital of Canada, with 26.8% of children living in poverty. The frightening statistic is that 40% of those living in poverty

and surviving on social assistance have been doing so for more than one generation. Chronic poverty crosses multiple

family generations in Toronto. How can we break the cycle of despair?

Magnanimity is part of the answer… I have been working with the Yonge Street Mission for many years, who, in turn have

been supporting families in Toronto for over 120 years… Yet, the cycle continues. The Mission’s objective is to provide a

‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’, to help people move from surviving to thriving and achieve their full potential. Connect at

ysm.ca and speak to the ever-inspiring Angie Draskovic.

I challenge you to test your own level of Magnanimity. Make it a priority to give back to the community that has provided you

with so much. Giving back is not always a financial donation but perhaps it is a donation of time, or fundraising efforts, or

even being a mentor to young person that helps them break and conquer the cycle of poverty.

Be Magnanimous today!


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