Volume 1 | #8 | April 29, 2019


For many of us the greatest test in life is our capacity to withstand and recover from Failure. It’s time to celebrate Failure!!! In order for you to improve your performance you learn more from embracing and understanding your setbacks than from celebrating your success. The premise being if you celebrate your failure it will drive you to greater success. Failure teaches us, upon refection, what we actually need to change in order for history not to repeat itself. That reflection leads to your innate ability to tap into your reservoir of RESILIENCE!!! This is all about your emotional strength, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, and the ability to adjust to misfortune or abrupt change.

Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing to sacrifice to get it. Think of Tiger Woods, who just weeks ago won his 15th major and the Masters for the fifth time after not winning a Major PGA event in 15 years. He dropped from Number One in the world in the early 2000’s to somewhere near 1000th by 2016…he was probably at risk of loosing his PGA Tour card…many thought his career had ended short of his penultimate goal of catching the great Jack Nicklaus record of 18 Major championships…after two knee surgeries, four lower back operations, fused disks and being literally out of competitive golf for several years Tiger astonishingly wins his 15th Major at age 43!!! He had to rebuild and relearn his golf swing. He went through years of rehab that to many might have been enough simply to play again…but to Tiger it was the greatest testament to his astounding resilience…to bounce back from the lowest of lows and reach the pinnacle of his profession once again.

How do you and I cope with the constant emotional stress of ever day life or the significant set back of a physical calamity?

Jim Rohn shows us how with an outline of the seven traits of the most RESILIENT people….

  1. Resilience Requires Insight…Ask yourself the tough questions, be honest, and take responsibility for your loss or setback
  2. Resilience is Independent…You must count on yourself to bounce back…look at yourself in the mirror and set out a comeback plan
  3. Resilience is also tied to Others…The more people you are responsible for, the greater the motivation to recover…the stronger the reason, the stronger the action!!!
  4. Resilience calls for Initiative…You need to develop the ability to take charge of the situation, to take charge of the problem. You need to stand up and do whatever is necessary to get back on course.
  5. Resilience calls for Creativity…Review the situation and creatively determine the best way out. Be enterprising in your approach to starting over.
  6. A Resilient Person has Humour…You may cry till you start laughing. Yes, you need to take your actions seriously but you must also be able to laugh at yourself and your situation. Laughter eases the tension and clears the mind toward resolution.
  7. A Resilient Person has a Strong Sense of Morality. When you get back on your feet make sure that your upcoming success is at the service not the expense of others.

Resilience is a learned behaviour…the more you get knocked down, the more you get back up, the more resilient you will become. Just as Tiger Woods demonstrated so dramatically, take on the challenge of what is holding you back and conquer it…Nothing can stop you now!!!


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