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Thank you to our team, partners, investors and clients, we couldn't have done it without you. From 1964 to today.

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As one of Canada’s premier real estate firms, PMA has become a leader in the sale of new homes across North America. PMA equals attitude, enthusiasm and teamwork. For 50 years the PMA family has embraced a simple yet powerful cornerstone:

Positive Mental Attitude Makes All The Difference.
PMA…Live Positive!


PMA services improve your performance through sales, research, education, technology and financing.

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PMA is proud to be partnered with TD Bank’s Mortgage specialists to bring our clients and associates innovative and informative speakers. From financial summits to motivational seminars, PMA TD Summit Series is an amazing opportunity to connect with some of the industry’s greatest minds.


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leadership isn't for cowards

Leadership Isn’t For Cowards

A PMA Perspective… “LEADERSHIP ISN’T FOR COWARDS” I love “LEADERSHIP ISN’T FOR COWARDS” by Mike Staver…speaker, writer, coach and genuine great guy. In his new book he explores the hidden fears that keep us from taking the quick decisive actions courageous leadership requires. Mike says by definition all leaders “mess with people’s lives”. That’s why […]

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